Hotel Relais Bayard

= Family business

In March 2000 Markus Bayard acquired the well-known "Hotel-Restaurant Millius", located directly on the cantonal road between Agarn and Susten. With the intention to buy, the aim was to transform the existing hotel and restaurant complex into a family business with a personal touch and commitment. This initially required a new, modern operating and marketing concept, such as a suitable name to match the purpose and objective. Because without a name or company logo, no promising market appearance is possible. With the newly chosen logo


 „Relais Bayard“ , The Place To Stop,


the family business is now to be marketed regionally, nationally and internationally.


The farm is run by Manuela Bayard with the support of the family.

Partner company Nature Park Pfyn-Finges

The Relais Bayard is located in the middle of the Pfyn-Finges Nature Park. This nature park extends over 14 member municipalities, which received the award "Regional Nature Park of National Importance" due to their unique and outstanding natural and landscape values. The communities want to preserve and enhance the traditional cultural and natural landscapes, promote a regional economy suitable for grandchildren and sensitize their inhabitants about sustainability issues. You can learn more about the Pfyn-Finges Nature Park at

The nature park partnership is a seal of approval of the Pfyn-Finges Nature Park for regional businesses from the nature park perimeter. Through their operational commitment, the partner enterprises stand up for the following values:

  • Conservation of natural resources
  • Awareness raising on sustainability issues
  • Cooperation and regional added value
  • Innovation & Quality
  • Regional identity and fairness
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Awards & Certificates

3 stars superior, QIII, Valais Excellence | Valais brand, official bike hotel, official hiking hotel

Our mission statement

Relais Bayard AG

Vision and Mission
We ensure the further development of our company by using the natural, human and financial resources available to us in an optimal, sustainable and effective way, in accordance with the cantonal tourism policy and the Charter/Agenda 21 for sustainable development of the Canton of Valais.

We consider our customers to be vital, for whom we try to achieve the best value for money, while at the same time ensuring the continuity of our business. The customer is king. We are constantly striving to adapt and improve quality requirements and trends.

Environment & Safety
We use environmentally friendly cleaning agents. We are committed to sensible waste disposal.
With the heat pump, energy is recovered and energy is saved.
We are committed to complying with legislation, with an ongoing focus on reducing environmental impact.
We always strive to correct the safety regulations and to eliminate possible sources of error immediately. We also always comply with and implement the new safety regulations.

Social commitment
We strive to secure jobs in the town and region.
We want to enhance human capital by developing its skills in order to help maintain jobs.
We encourage the participation and active involvement of all employees for the benefit of our company.

We do not only want to limit the indebtedness of our company, but also to make the necessary investments so that our successors can take over a working tool without any risk.

We ensure the continued existence of our company by paying particular attention to ensuring that our services are sufficiently profitable and that our infrastructure becomes increasingly attractive.

Objectives for improvement

By establishing and implementing our management system, we want to maintain and further develop the infrastructure and areas of activity of our company in order to ensure the long-term survival of our company.

Manuela Bayard, Hotel Manager

Susten, October 2006 // October 2016

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