from the Valais

We will have our apricot stands open from about the end of June 2020 until about mid August 2020. As we only sell Valais apricots, the effective start and end dates vary (depending on when the farmers can harvest the apricots).
Here we will keep you up to date and will also post an overview of all the sales stands.

You can order homemade apricot jam and homemade apricot brandy from us all year round. We also ship by mail. So you always have a bit of Valais at home.

Apricot Jam

Homemade Valais jam

Big glass
1 kg

Medium glass

Small glass

Mini glass

CHF 13.00

CHF 7.50

 CHF 5.50 

CHF 4.00

80 – 200 pieces
CHF 12.00

80 – 200 pieces
CHF 7.00

80 – 200 pieces
CHF 5.00

80 – 200 pieces
CHF 3.80

from 201 pieces
CHF 11.20

from 201 pieces
CHF 6.50

from 201 pieces
CHF 4.70

from 201 pieces
CHF 3.50

All jams are labelled.
If you wish, we can also use your own labels.

Apricot liquor 40% Vol.

Homemade Valais liquor

5 dl

3.75 dl

2 dl

4 cl

CHF 43.00

CHF 35.00

 CHF 20.00

CHF 9.00

Apricot season 2020

Valais apricots

From 1 July 2020 we have reopened our sales stands.

We only sell apricots from Valais.

You can also buy homemade apricot jam at our stands.

Our sales stands:

  • Susten, Hotel Relais Bayard
  • Bitsch, Käse Walker
  • Brig, Trainstation
  • Eyholz, Restaurant Zer Bircha
  • Visp, Farm Grosse Eye
  • Visp, Trainstation
  • Goppenstein, before Hohtenn
  • Gampel, Trainstation
  • Susten, Rest. Rhodania
  • Pfynwald, Region Pfyrischu
  • Pfynwald, Region Kieswerk
  • Thun, Aarefeldplatz
  • Heimberg, Zeughausgarage
  • Oppligen, Garage Kammermann AG

If you need a large quantity for jam, preserves etc., you can contact us directly.

We can also send apricot jam and schnapps by post.