4 - 120 people


Services & Equipment

Meetings, conferences & workshops

You will find the ideal conditions for seminars and meetings with us.

  • Various halls for 4 to 120 people (partly air-conditioned)
  • Various seating options (conference, U-shaped, cinema, block etc.)

Beamer, screen, pin boards, seminar case, flipchart etc.

Incuding breaks
(coffee break, lunch, afternoon break, dinner)

Bookable also as package including overnight stay

Various halls

Meetings and conference

Big hall
for 120 people, air-conditioned
Various seating options
(Konferenz, U-Form, Kino, Block…)

Hall Leuk
for 70 people, air-conditioned
Various seating options

Hall Susten
for 30 people, air-conditioned

for 18 people, air-conditioned

Room Book