Apricot Jam

Homemade Apricot Jam from Valais

All jams are labelled.
If you wish, we can also use your own labels.

For orders of 80 pieces or more, please contact us directly via info@relaisbayard.ch

Big glass - 1kg

CHF 13 / Stk.

Medium glass - 500g

CHF 7.50 / Stk.

Small glass - 250g

CHF 5.50 / Stk.

Apricot Liquor 40% Vol.

Homemade Liquor from Valais

Liquor- 5dl

CHF 43 / Stk.

Liquor- 3.5dl

CHF 35 / Stk.

Liquor- 2dl

CHF 20 / Stk.

Liquor- 4cl

CHF 9 / Stk.
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The shipping costs within Switzerland are per order CHF 12.-
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